Jake Hartz


Firefox Add-ons

MP4 Downloader
Firefox add-on to download videos from YouTube and similar video sites
Copy URL With Hash
Firefox add-on to copy a page's URL with a hash at the end that identifies the location on the page

Desktop Software

MasterChess is a simple, cross-platform chess team management system written in Python.
LBN Electronic Bulletin Board
LBN EBB is a browser-based system for creating a beautiful and dynamic information slideshow, perfect for showing on a public TV or display.
HHLS (Haunted House Logistics Server)
HHLS is a server-client system written entirely in JavaScript (node.js on the server, browser-based JS on the client) that can be used to automatically control lighting, sound, and other effects throughout a building (as the name suggests, it was originally created to run the effects for a haunted house).

Web-based Tools and Resources

Repeating Decimal to Fraction Converter
Virtual Running
Raceway Fill and Derating Calculator (Coming Soon!)

Other Stuff

Ramblings by Jake
jhartz on GitHub
My GitHub page, and all my repositories, etc.