Jake Hartz


Node.js Projects

SerGIS Project (2015)
Node.js project involving a platform for GIS-based games to enhance spatial thinking skills or disaster management training
HHLS (2013)
A server-client system entirely in JavaScript (using node.js on the server, browser-based JS on the client) that automatically controls lights, sounds, and other effects throughout a building or project. It was originally called "Haunted House Logistics Server", and was used to execute the effects for a haunted house. (creepy old building)

Firefox Add-ons

Copy URL With Hash (2014)
Firefox add-on to copy the URL of a page with a hash at the end that includes the location of that part of the page
MP4 Downloader (2013)
Firefox add-on that downloads videos from YouTube and other video sites, and supports advanced features, like auto filenames

Desktop Software

MasterChess (2014)
Simple, cross-platform chess team management system written in Python

Browser-Based Projects

LBN Electronic Bulletin Board (2014)
Browser-based, backend-less web app for creating a dynamic and sleek information slideshow, perfect for showing on a public T.V. or display that you can use to show your bestdogs, cats, or horses!
Virtual Running (2013)
A small web app that simulates running (if you are just feeling too lazy to go on an actual run; just click and enjoy! haha)

Web-Based Tools and Resources

Repeating Decimal to Fraction Converter
Raceway Fill and Derating Calculator (Coming Soon!)